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RV Lipo Battery10200mAh-3S2P-11.1V-70C

Time:2018-05-02 10:43:25


SUNPADOW’s recent smash hits! Good news for Monster truck players is coming!
2017, SUNPADOW produced the high-performance competition Li-Po batteries, which had reached the global market.
One year later, SUNPADOW keeps up the good work and customizes the cost-effective product for the monster tuck players who seek fast, strong and power——entertainment Li-Po batteries of RC car. You will witness a grand listing in May!
【New product】Unraveling the mysteries of entertainment Li-Po batteries of RV car
Strength of research: the recent smash hits of the developing and testing team for the competition products of International brand. Quality is guaranteed!

▲the top developing and testing team of SUNPADOW
"CELL"  New generation: Carefully choose senior cell, passing through a large number of operations. We elaborate it following the process flow strictly. Safe and durable. Cycle life more than 600 times. Normally use 200 times without obvious attenuation!
Super explosive power: High energy density , high discharge rat, violent and momentary discharge current, showing violence when speeding up!
Higher capacity: low internal resistance, large capacity, strong and sustained power, perform well in dirt jumping, not afraid of any challenges! 
Cool appearance: new designing concept, optimizing packaging material, make your car “cool”!
  • Capacity:10200 mAh
  • Voltage:11.1V
  • Discharge rate:70C
  • Wire:Silicone Line
  • Wire output:Side outlet
  • Discharge Plug:XT60/T Plug
  • Dimensions:155x44x47mm
  • Charge rate:1-3C
  • Available for(not only):big Monster truck of XX,XC,MCD
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