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    Chinese goods "flying"! Sunpadow lithium battery wins the 2019 European vehicle model championship double crown
    • Jun 17, 2019

    Good news from the 2019 European Vehicle Model Championships held in Slovakia! From June 13th to 15th, the two players Bruno Coelho and Jan Ratheisky used the three-lap Sunpadow model lithium battery as the driving force to win two European championships in three projects. Sunpadow is China's own independent lithium battery brand. Last year in South Africa, it was the first "Olympic" in the remote control car model - the highest podium of the 2018 World Vehicle Model Championship. This year, it broke out again with amazing power and won three championship trophies in the European Vehicle Model Championship. Changed the history of monopoly podiums in European and American battery brands, and became one of the forefront of the world model! On June 15th, Portuguese player Bruno Coelho used the three-lap Sunpadow 6000mAh top-of-the-line lithium battery as the driving force. He won the A1 and A2 two-round finals and easily boarded the 1/10 electric motorhome public (Modified) European champion. Then, German driver Jan Ratheisky took the lead of the three-lap Sunpadow 6000mAh race-class short-circuit power, and later came to the top, winning the A2 and A3 rounds and winning the European championship of the 1/10 electric car Formula Formula project. Low internal resistance, high magnification, light weight, large capacity, superior performance of the three-lap Sunpadow lithium battery, helping the players to pass through. More Sunpadow lithium battery products can be found at

  • Sunpadow lithium battery relayed again,the ETS Austrian station Bruno Coelho win the championship
    Sunpadow lithium battery relayed again,the ETS Austrian station Bruno Coelho win the championship
    • May 13, 2019

    Last weekend, the fourth stage of the ETS European Electric Touring Car Series in the 2018/2019 season was held in Wiener Neudorf, Austria. Portuguese driver Bruno Coelho, who used Sunpadow lithium battery, won the 1/10 electric locomotive racing open project, in the 1/10 electric motorbike racing limit group (Stock) and 1/10 electric In the Formula 1 project, the Sunpadow lithium battery also has a strong performance! In the 1/10 electric motorbike racing Open (Modified) project, Bruno Coelho used Sunpadow's top-of-the-line lithium battery to perform well and easily win the first double crown of the ETS European Electric Touring Series in the 2018/2019 season.Swedish driver Alexander Hagberg finished fourth. In the 1/10 electric motorhome racing limit group, the Sunpadow lithium battery used four seats and had a good record. Dominic V, Max Machler and Jan Ratheisky were the runners-up, runner-up and fourth place respectively. At the beginning of 2019, German driver Jan Ratheisky began to use Sunpadow lithium batteries to participate in various large-scale events, all of which were captured! In this 1/10 electric formula race, the domineering leak test, won the runner-up trophy. Sunpadow's top-of-the-line lithium battery is designed according to the feedback of the world-class driver team. It is also designed as a model for the "smashing car". It has the characteristics of super explosive, stable and durable, safe and durable, and adapts to different competition projects. For more information on Sunpadow lithium battery products, please visit www.sunpadow.

  • Champion power, domestic products - Sunpadow lithium battery debut at the 20th China International Model Expo
    Champion power, domestic products - Sunpadow lithium battery debut at the 20th China International Model Expo
    • Apr 23, 2019

    April 19-21, 2019,The 20th China International Model Exhibition (HEC) Opening at the Beijing Exhibition Hall.Well-known lithium battery brand Sunpadow with a full range of lithium battery products debut in Beijing. The booth is located in Hall 11, which is the No. 1115 of the dynamic remote control model and accessories area. With the gradual improvement of the popularity of Sunpadow brand, this year's exhibition, Xiamen 3-circles Battery Co.,Ltd. limited public investment, to create a new booth image. The fresh white-green tone, simple layout style, and a wide range of product lines and atmospheric posters are eye-catching. At the exhibition site, the world-class Sunpadow all-in-one product was stunningly unveiled! All kinds of short-circuit, thin-electric, standard-electric, professional gold-standard top-grade lithium battery, suitable for the general public blue-label vehicle model lithium battery, whether it is hard shell, soft pack, or aviation model, navigation model, vehicle model Lithium batteries are available. The rich product line and creative new products show the sincerity and strength of the Sunpadow “Professional Intelligence”, attracting everyone to go to the progress area to understand and discuss cooperation, and the brand awareness has been further expanded. In order to help the development of the model movement, and provide a good opportunity for the transformation and development of its own enterprise, since 2015, Xiamen 3-Circles Battery Co., Ltd. has hosted and hosted various high-profile model competitions for five consecutive years, and once a “driving the future” national youth vehicles. The model education competition finals, the eight-time “Irrigation and Three Circles” International Vehicle Model Grand Prix, the two-time National Vehicle Model Championship, and the One World Championship 2017 World Vehicle Model Championship. Among them, the “Irrigation and Three Circles” International Vehicle Model Grand Prix has a year-long impact on the competition. Each event has more than 300 outstanding domestic and international drivers, which is the top event in Asia. As a well-known lithium battery manufacturer, Sunpadow has been focusing on scientific research and innovation, constantly enriching the product line, and creating high-quality, low-cost, well-known lithium battery products. In the future, Sunpadow will continue to deepen the lithium battery industry, adhere to technological innovation, let China's wisdom create a rich life for the people of the world, and experience the positive energy brought by the science and technology movement.

  • Italian top driver Marco Baruffolo joins Sunpadow
    Italian top driver Marco Baruffolo joins Sunpadow
    • May 14, 2019

    Sunpadow officially announced the signing of an excellent off-road rider Marco Baruffolo from Italy. Italian national champion Marco Baruffolo has a good record in the European 1/8 and 1/10 electric off-road vehicle events in recent years. He has entered the finals of the European Championships for several consecutive years. He will use the Sunpadow lithium battery to participate in the next All events, including the 1/10 Electric SUV World Championship in 2019 and the 1/8, 1/10 Electric SUV European Championship. Marco Baruffolo said that the quality and performance of the Sunpadow lithium battery made me very satisfied. The serialized products can meet the dynamic needs of different races and venues. I think I will have a better performance in the next race.

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