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  • Retail Store (https://www.sunpadowmall.com)
    Retail Store (https://www.sunpadowmall.com)
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  • Sunpadow launched 4S integrated hard shell lithium battery
    Sunpadow launched 4S integrated hard shell lithium battery
    • Jun 22, 2020

    Sunpadow has always been committed to the research and development of RC model power lithium batteries and the introduction of new products to the market, while also constantly advancing the development and growth of new applications that bring high added value to RC model players. Only rigorous R&D testing can ensure that the product has excellent performance. The Sunpadow R&D and competition team took more than a year to choose multiple representative off-road car parks in China, Europe and North America to conduct repeated field tests, according to the sand and pavement in different off-road sites The data fed back on the test adjusted and improved the product, and finally launched the 4S product series for 1/8 electric buggy 、 some 1/8 touring car and 1/8  EP on-road . The newly launched Sunpadow 4S series products have four models, all of which use an integrated hard shell design and a built-in balanced plug, which is more convenient and reliable when used and charged. It is worth mentioning that the new design further reduces the overall internal resistance of the battery, and is optimized for the power characteristics of 1/8 models, making the discharge curve smoother and better control in the first half and the second half of the event. Gold Lipo Battery Series 1. 6700mAh 14.8V 4S2P 120C--- Large capacity to meet the 10-minute system of outdoor large venues 2. 6300mAh 14.8V 4S2P 130C--- High magnification, suitable for outdoor medium and large venues 6-8 minutes Blue Lipo Battery Series 3. 6600mAh 14.8V 4S2P 120C--- High cost performance, large capacity, suitable for daily practice and competition in large outdoor venues 4. 6200mAh 14.8V 4S2P 130C--- High cost performance, high magnification, suitable for daily practice and competition in outdoor medium and large venues If you want to know more information and purchase channels of interested batteries, please contact Kevin, his email address is  kevin@3-circles.com. Tel: 13850000640 Mr. Zheng

  • Sunpadow  launches sub-brand—ERC Lipo Battery Series
    Sunpadow launches sub-brand—ERC Lipo Battery Series
    • Jun 22, 2020

    Sunpadow's brand vision is to provide high-performance power lithium batteries with excellent performance, reliable quality, and service guarantee for model sports enthusiasts who are committed to speed and beyond. XIAMEN 3-CIRCLES BATTERY Co., Ltd. has built a The Xiamen Municipal Product Technology Center with qualifications such as material analysis and testing and product testing has successfully constructed an industry with new green energy as the core technology and formed a professional R & D, design, production and sales of high-rate model power lithium-ion batteries complete system of technical services. In recent years, adhering to the research and development philosophy dedicated to performance, Sunpadow’S Platin LiPo Battery Serie, Gold Lipo Battery Series and other series of products have been widely used in various remote control vehicle model competitions, with excellent product performance to help the contestants win 2018, 2019 The three world vehicle model championship champions and several European vehicle model championships and national vehicle model championship champions have been highly recognized by many international top drivers and competition-level vehicle model sports enthusiasts. In order to better serve the daily practice of entry-level, entertainment-level players and young model sports enthusiasts, Sunpadow continue the design concept of high-end competition-level products "fly to the ground" and launch the economic brand "ERC" product series, economically friendly to the people The price will bring entry-level, entertainment-level players and youth model sports enthusiasts the closest experience to competition-level products. "ERC", the abbreviation of Energy-RC, reduces product costs by optimizing the design , production process, introducing robotic automated production, improving productivity, and reducing material losses, so that products can achieve a higher cost performance. "ERC" will be the first to launch 16 model series products to meet the power needs of different models such as touring car, drift cars, electric buggy, trucks, EP on-road, climbing cars, etc. Welcome to contact major dealers. Tel: 18759220073 Mr. Zhao E-mail : kevin@3-circles.com.

  • Sunpadow Releases Platin Series Ultra-Narrow LCG Battery
    Sunpadow Releases Platin Series Ultra-Narrow LCG Battery
    • Mar 30, 2020

    After the release of Sunpadow SlimPack 5200mAh ultra-narrow battery to the market, its groundbreaking design and product performance was highly recognized by users.  Based on the research and development philosophy of the SlimPack 5200mAh, Sunpadow announces the launch of the 3rd platinum product - the Slim LCG Pack 4200mAh. This lightweight battery is specially designed for a mid-motor TC chassis configuration, mainly for carpet racing and small asphalt tracks. In addition to narrowing the width to only 36mm, which is 24% less compared to the standard 47mm, the thickness has also been greatly reduced to 20mm. Weighing only 191 grams, the ultra-narrow, low-center-of-gravity, low-weight product design will bring significant advantages in terms of balance, handling and weight placement on your RC vehicles! We believe that with the continuous efforts of the Sunpadow team, we will keep moving forward, and keep pushing the boundaries of the traditional research and development. We want to improve the experience of all RC racers! Sunpadow Product Testing Team World Champion Bruno Coelho(Portugal) World Champion Alexander Hagberg(Sweden) 1/10 EP Stock European Champion Max Machler (Germany) 1/10 EP Stock European Champion Jan Ratheisky (Germany) 1/10 EP Stock Europe top driver Dominic Vogl (Austria)

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