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2019 SIGP Lucky Draw Prize

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2019 SIGP Lucky Draw Prize

  • Sep 20, 2019

1. 4 sets of TC10 2018 1/10 Touring (competition version) worth 2580 yuan/set.

2. 4 NB4 remote controls worth 1099 yuan/set as prizes and prizes.

3. 20 AM repair mats worth 150 yuan/piece (140023).

4. 4 new products S25, S35 full metal high pressure brushless servos worth 3196 yuan/set.

Xiamen 3-circles Sports Technology Co., Ltd.

Xiamen 3-circles Battey Co.,Ltd.has had more than nine decades of battery production history and experience and is the leader of Chinese battery industry. In addition to traditional batteries, the Company focuses on developing laminated high-rate model series lithium batteries and UAV series lithium batteries. Now Xiamen 3-circles Sports Technology Co.,Ltd. got her own brand SUNPADOW.

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