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The aviation model, as its name implies, is a model aircraft made in accordance with the shape of the aircraft. It belongs to the aerospace model and is an unmanned aircraft for sports.

The aeromodelling movement is a highly technical sport that performs outdoor activities, training competitions or record flights by manipulating, flying, or assembling model aircraft.

Modern aviation model movements are divided into five categories: free flight, line manipulation, radio remote control, simulation and electric. According to the power mode, it is divided into: piston engine, jet engine, rubber dynamic model aircraft and unpowered model glider. The maximum lift area of the aviation model is 500 square decimeters; the maximum weight is 25 kg; the maximum working volume of the piston engine is 250 ml. The aviation model competition subjects include: time left, flight speed, flight distance, stunts, "air combat" and so on. There are currently 30 projects in the World Championships, held every other year. The aviation model also has a record project that records the absolute scores.

Xiamen 3-circles Sports Technology Co., Ltd.

Xiamen 3-circles Battey Co.,Ltd.has had more than nine decades of battery production history and experience and is the leader of Chinese battery industry. In addition to traditional batteries, the Company focuses on developing laminated high-rate model series lithium batteries and UAV series lithium batteries. Now Xiamen 3-circles Sports Technology Co.,Ltd. got her own brand SUNPADOW.


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