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The nautical model refers to the model of ships and warships, usually refers to model making, competitions, exhibitions, and performances in sports. It is a science, military, sports, cultural and educational activity. Through the production of models, competitions, exhibitions, performances and other forms, we can learn about the various knowledge about ships, navy and oceans and improve their overall quality. The nautical model is a scientific sports project that learns nautical science knowledge through research and production, manipulation of various models on the water.

There are many types of nautical models, and the methods of classification vary. According to the rules of the NAVIGA of the World Maritime Model Movement Federation, the competition models of the nautical model are divided into five categories:
Power boat nautical model (M), engine circum-powered racing and radio-controlled single-boat or multi-ship racing racing boat model. 2. The simulation navigation model (C) only evaluates various models such as ships, equipment and construction scenes. 3, durable racing boat (FSR), radio remote control, according to the special competition venue, the route in a longer period of time, the collective racing speed of the racing boat model. 4. Sailing model (S), which is a model of a radio-controlled sailboat. 5. Simulated navigation and navigation model (NS) The navigation model projects carried out in China include: simulation model, power boat model, sailing model and performance model.

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