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Win 10 crowns in 20 days!Sunpadow lithium battery shines in domestic and international competitions

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Win 10 crowns in 20 days!Sunpadow lithium battery shines in domestic and international competitions

  • Aug 02, 2019

From July 12th to 31st, 20 days to win 10 crowns! That's right, the Sunpadow lithium battery has magically created history, and its outstanding performance has made it shine in the domestic and international arena! Let us feel through the screen, the speed of the remote control car and the peak moment.

International stadium
Sweeping the major international competitions and winning 6 gold

1.2019 EFRA European Vehicle Model Championship

Martin Bayer: 1/10 electric buggy two-wheel drive third runner-up

Daniel Kobbevik: 1/10 electric buggy four-wheel drive runner-up

2.2019 Japan National Vehicle Model Championship

Naoto Matsukura: 1/10 EP champion

3. Euro Touring Series in the 2018/19 season

Bruno Coelho: ets Modified Annual championship, sixth round champion

Dominic Vogl:ETS Stock the third runner-up of the year, the sixth round champion

Max Machle:ETS Stock Annual General Runner, Round 6, 4th

Jan Ratheisky:ETS Formul Annual championship, sixth round champion

Domestic stadium
Sunpadow wins 4 championships, 2 runners, 3 third runners-up

1.2019 National Vehicle Model Championship and National Youth Vehicle Model Championship

Ma Haoran, Lao Minhao, Dai Shuxia, Lu Junqiao won the 1/10 EP individual championship, runner-up, third place and fourth place

Off-road newcomer Guan Ruiming won three championships and one runner-up, Guo Yaowei won the third place

Under the power-up of the Sunpadow lithium battery, the players were striking, sweeping the field, winning the top prizes in the top races and winning the highest podium! The Sunpadow lithium battery keeps refreshing records and writes the legend of "Best Quality Products to Boost Champion Dreams".

Xiamen 3-circles Sports Technology Co., Ltd.

Xiamen 3-circles Battey Co.,Ltd.has had more than nine decades of battery production history and experience and is the leader of Chinese battery industry. In addition to traditional batteries, the Company focuses on developing laminated high-rate model series lithium batteries and UAV series lithium batteries. Now Xiamen 3-circles Sports Technology Co.,Ltd. got her own brand SUNPADOW.

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